CREE granted 15,000 units LED bulbs


In Europe,the government  encourage  people using  LED products by increase the cost of electricity. So,you will find recent years,LED apply in most of places in Europe country. But the USA government  concentrate it on this part from this year. The government  provide electricity  subsidy then decrease the price of LED products. At this situation,  CREE launched the “Great American Light Bulbs Swap” activities in New York, Boston and Washington; the activities will grant a total of 15,000 LED bulbs. Local people can swap a new LED bulb by one of incandescent bulb or energy-saving lamp.
US market is very huge, but LED light penetration rate in US is still very low, so there will be great potential in future.

[Launch Time: 2014-12-27 14:20:42]


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