Design LED to Debut Extremely Thin Backlighting


DesignLED Products Ltd launched a new shelf product with only 2mm in depth.The company says that its also for the thinnest shelf lighting solution.The new products also include a 6mm in depth luminaire. The lighting units, which are said to be easy to install come in lengths of up to 5 meters. 
The company says that its Backlighting and Signage product family is an ultra-thin and efficient solution for backlighting applications. The customizable double-sided system can be cut to specific lengths. According to Design LED, Backlighting applications benefit from the system's world class efficacy in flat or curved formats from the high density 300 x 400mm or low density 300 x 400mm options. The Backlighting modules can be tiled in a zero-width border arrangement for large area illumination and can be trimmed by multiples of the LED chains. The tiling and trimming process reportedly supports backlighting of almost any form factor.

[Launch Time: 2014-11-18 00:29:32]


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