RGB and White LED Bulb for bedroom lighting


Our Latest LED Bulb ILED-BL60-RGBW just been launched, and get some bulk orders. One client told us, our RGB and White LED bulbs are accept by many family , not only in the special area such as hotels, nightspot. There are some features and pictures from their clients feedback as below,
1. Just lighting, it is the basic function of any lights, RGB and White LED bulb can be used as normal LED bulb because it has white LED inside.
2. It is colorful , at night, nice lighting is a good fact to help you feel better when you and your wife or husband are going to bed. Of course, at festival day, it can have happy lighting.
3. It is easier to be controlled, the RGB & White LED Bulb is integrated Bluetooth model, therefore, it can be controlled by smart phone Bluetooth , you can download the app before you used.

[Launch Time: 2014-11-27 09:09:03]

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