The classify of LED SMD 3528 Flexible Strip and application

The classify of LED SMD 3528 Flexible Strip and application


3528 SMD LED flexible strip light can be classified from the following aspects:


A. Color
      FPC color yellow board, whiteboard, blackboard, can be customized. LED light color: white, warm white, red, yellow, blue, green, purple.
B.  Waterproof grade: light bar applies to a different location due to the waterproof rating divided into not waterproof, Epoxy waterproof casing waterproof.
3. Quantities SMD: FPC can be attached to many 3528LED lamp beads per meter FPC 30 lights per meter, lamp beads, 60 lights per meter, 120 lights per meter, three conventional to apply to the brightness requirements variety of places.
3528 SMD LED flexible strip can be used a wide range, according to  its different types, applicable to the product showcase, Storefront decoration, thin light boxes backlight, hotel KTV decoration, outdoor lighting, home ceiling, ceiling porch decoration.

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