What characteristics does the static have?

What characteristics does the static have?


1. High potential
2. low power consumption
3. small current
4. short-acting time
      LED is a semiconductor equipment (electrostatic-sensitive equipment), and various chip ESD immunity (especially for white, green, blue, purple LED) have also beendifferent, which requires users in semi-finished products, finished assembly process must be strengthened to prevent electrostatic preventive electrostatic produce (especially in the dry climate of the winter), and eliminate static electricity work.
Electrostatic sources humidity, electrostatic potential impact
10% -25% RH 65% -90% RH
Walking in the flea market 35000V 15000V
Walking on the vinyl floor 12000V 250V
Operation on the work bench 6000V 100V
Picked up the plastic tape 20000V 1200V
To promote foam plastic chair 18000V 1500V

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