What is SMD 3528 LED Flexible Strip?

What is SMD 3528 LED Flexible Strip?

SMD 3528 LED Flexible Strip is a kind of decorative lighting LED lamps which is SMD3528 as the light source, and the PFC board as the carrier, with string design and production of an appropriate current limiting resistor in the circuit. With advantages of high brightness, soft and bendable, may need to cut to length, etc..

The light source of SMD 3528 LED Flexible Strip is 3528 SMD, and its carrier is soft PFC board , mean flexible printed circuit board whose width is  8MM, thickness is less than  1MM. The  length of each FPC from factory length is 0.5 m, which can be welded by two or some.The length of produced good 3528 LED soft light bar at factory is  5M each roll, anti-static disc and anti-static bag to carry and easy to transport.

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