What kinds of power suppply for LED Strip?

Flexible LED lights with different needs depending on the model with a different power supply to use, you power know much about it? LED soft lights with the kind of power and its different meanings you know? Today to tell you Tell LED soft light with power classification knowledge.
LED soft light with power different classification according to different criteria, mainly to explain the different classification of the drive way, can be made ​​for the regulator constant current two detailed explanation below .
Can be divided into two categories according to the driving mode
1.1 regulator type
a brightness by the rectified voltage from the change;
regulator driver circuit to drive LEDs per string needs to be coupled with a suitable resistor before each string of LED display brightness average;
c, the voltage regulator circuit are not afraid load open, but non load completely short-circuited;
d, when the parameters determined in the regulator circuit, the output voltage is fixed, while the output current varies as the load change;
1.2 Constant Current
a should be noted by using the maximum exposure to the current and voltage values​​, it limits the use of the number of the LED;
b, constant current drive circuit led drive is ideal, but the relatively high price;
c, constant current circuit is not afraid to load short circuit, but non-load is completely open;
d, the constant current drive circuit output current is constant, while the DC voltage output with the size of the load resistance changes within a certain range, the load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, the greater the load resistance, the output the higher the voltage.

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