Everlight Electronics Introduces New Low, Mid-, and High-power LEDs

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-14 10:53:06]

  The Everlight 5630 HE(EU) is an extremely efficient low-power LED which operates at 0.2W and can be driven at up to 0.5W.And for warm white its efficiency is 170lm/w,180lm/w for cool whi... Continue reading

LED Lamp Uses Laser to Monitor Elderly People

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-13 14:58:15]

        Japanese company invented a smart LED lamp with the function to help elderly people. This products will be equipped with a laser-based system to monitor elderly peop... Continue reading

Study Finds LED Lighting Can Increase Production in Hot, Un-Air Conditioned Factories

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-12 10:32:46]

  One often overlooked but important benefit of LED lighting is that it produces less heat than competing lighting technologies. For this reason, LED lighting can boost productivity in fac... Continue reading

Osram 147 lm/W with Green LED

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-10 11:31:59]

        Osram Opto Semiconductors coordinated a publicly funded project, “Hi-Q-LED”, that developed green LEDs with extremely high efficacy and a reduced drop in... Continue reading

Sylvania Automotive Lighting Adds to ZEVO Aftermarket LED Lighting Line

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-07 18:54:08]

  Sylvania ZEVO belong to Sylvania Auomotive Lighting, they offer the customized style and signature look of LED technology on luxury vehicles for the aftermarket. Recently, Sylvania Autom... Continue reading

Luminus launches 1W SMD LED with 170° Emission Angle

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-06 18:07:44]

  Luminus Devices Inc based in Billerica,Massachusetts, USA, has launched the XNOVA Cube ,a 1W SMD LED with a 170°viewing angle and simplifies omni-directional products but lower ... Continue reading

Everlight Unveils 855nm High-power IR LEDEverlight Unveils 855nm High-power IR LED

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-05 23:41:45]

  .    Everlight Electronics Co Ltd of Taiwan showed the HIR-C19D series LED. Its with high radiant intensity, extremely compact size ,and low thermal resistance in a very small ... Continue reading

Osram Opto Semiconductors Launches Displix Oval for Outdoor LED Displays

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-04 23:03:43]

 Recently, Osram Opto Semiconductors invent a new surface-mountable oval-shaped LED for out doors displays. It’s only 2.1x2.7x1.5mm which called Displix Oval.. The company contends that ... Continue reading

Samsung Ends LED Lighting Business, Big chance for Chinese LED Light manufacturers

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-03 12:51:28]

  Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd started their LED lighting business four years ago. Recently, they reported that it will ends its LED lighting business outside of South Korea. Why they end i... Continue reading

LED High Bay Light 120W for Warehouse Lighting

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-28 21:25:43]

LED High Bay Light 120W  is the hot selling item of our current LED High Bay Lights, which adopt 1 pieces Bridgelux 45 mil 120W LED, with Meanwell Driver, high quality aluminum for the heat si... Continue reading

New COB LED Ceiling Light 50W good for replacing traditional lamp in Supermarket

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-27 11:05:46]

 The watts of LED ceiling lights is higher and higher along with technology progresses. We just launched 50W COB LED ceiling light which adopt 1 piece 50 Watts Epistar COB, and the body materi... Continue reading

Intelligent LED Solutions Launches New UV LEDs for Industrial Applications

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-26 23:34:11]

  As we know,heat  dissipation  is very important for high power LED which apply in industry LED lighting.Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS) of the UK, has launched new high-power U... Continue reading

Samsung 5630 LED Bulb to save more money

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-26 23:32:45]

Samsung 5630 LED Bulb to save more money With our earth environment is worse, we don't only concerned about saving money but also thinking more about living green when we use lights. Bu... Continue reading

RGB & White LED Bulb,HUE Bulb LED by Bluetooth

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-26 23:30:17]

RGB & White LED Bulb,HUE Bulb LED by Bluetooth is coming, which used high quality Aluminum housing body , its frame color can be silver and white. The light source is high brightness Epist... Continue reading

Philips Lumileds Launches New Luxeon COB LEDs for Spotlights

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-26 23:29:30]

    Philips Lumileds has introduced a new compact COB LED array with a small 6.5 mm light-emitting surface that is ideal for spotlights. The small Luxeon CoB 1202 array boasts the... Continue reading

Scientists Create Carbon Nanotube-based Light Source that Behaves Like Cathodes Ray Tubes

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-22 23:00:57]

  Scientists from Tohoku University in Japan have created a new type of energy-efficient flat light source. The light source, which employs carbon nanotubes, has a very low power consumpti... Continue reading

Ford and NextEnergy Announce Automotive Lighting Challenge

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-21 21:52:27]

  Ford and NextEnergy announce automotive lighting challenge in a lighting exposition which was held at Ford’s Product Development Center. Some 30 suppliers and would-be suppliers ga... Continue reading

Mass Production Begins on Seoul Semiconductor’s Acrich MJT 3030

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-17 14:03:28]

  Seoul Semiconductor of Seoul, Korea, made available the Acrich MJT 3030 a new LED in the company's Acrich MJT product family. This new Acrich series measures 3.0mm x 3.0mm and de... Continue reading

Nobel Prize Winner Endorses Aledia’s Nanowire LED Technology

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-16 13:18:49]

  Prof. Hiroshi Amano, a member of Aledia’s Scientific Advisory Board, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, alongside Shuji Nakamura and Isamu Akasaki for their roles in inventing... Continue reading

Osram Claims Lab-Produced LED Brightest Ever for Car Headlights

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-10-15 11:23:22]

Osram Opto Semiconductors is showcasing an LED for car headlights, which the company says has three times the luminance of existing versions. The company notes that this single LED can provide a co... Continue reading

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