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iLed covers an area of 5000sqms. Have automatic assembly workshop, PCB workshop,module workshop,injection workshop, die castint workshop and powder coating workshop .iLed   strictly implements management and quality management in accordance with the quality system management standards like ISO14001,ISO19001.

iLed is focusing on innovating, designing, customing and manufacturing LED lighting for our clients over 10 years. Tell us your requirements, we can provide one stop solution to you.

Showroom and Workshop Details

Showroom Corner

< Showroom Corner

Auto Assembly

< Assembly Workshop

Aging Test >

Aging Test

LED Chips Packing Workshop>

DIP LED Packing Workshop
PCBA workshop

< PCBA Workshop

SMD Patch Workshop

< Patch Workshop

Module Workshop >

Module Workshop

Injection Workshop >

Injection Workshop
Die Casting Workshop

< Die Casting Workshop

Power Coating

< Powder Coating Workshop