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LED Wall Washer Light

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LED Wall Washer Light

iLed is s a leading manufacturer of reliable, durable, and flexible LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Our comprehensive range of LED lighting products includes ceiling lights, downlights, linear lights, bulkhead lights, tri-proof batten lights, and wall washer lights designed to deliver bright, even, and long-lasting illumination for various settings. Our LED lighting solutions are equipped with advanced features such as triac dimmable, 0-10V, DALI, emergency, and motion sensor functions that provide users with full control over lighting intensity and energy consumption. We use only the highest quality components and materials to ensure our products meet the highest standards for performance, efficiency, and durability. Our experienced team of lighting experts is always ready to assist customers in selecting the right LED lighting solutions that align with their specific needs. At Durable Luminaires, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality LED lighting solutions that offer a perfect balance of functionality, reliability, and value.

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