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Bollard lights are small and erect ground-mounted lighting fixtures. Traditionally, they were used as lights for guidance around decks, harbors and aboard ships. Today the name is more commonly used as path lights near entrances and walk ways to commercial buildings. 

Together with their lesser power to illumination ratio and significantly lower power consumption, the LED bollard lights are now the preferred choice ahead of the fluorescent and halogen bollards. They are usually built using tempered glass, acrylics, anodized aluminium and polycarbonates or all four. The finishing is customized to match the surroundings with the inner light cavities coated with aluminium paint or aluminium to boost the brightness of LED. The cavities are covered with lenses are sealed for the prevention of entry of small insects, moisture or dust.  

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Where to use the bollard lights?

Commercial LED bollard lights offer versatility-they are everywhere. In the suburban and urban regions, they are common for lighting up building entrances, pathways, boardwalks, parking lots and walkways. They are utilized as walkway lights in residential, hospitality, municipal and commercial settings. They guarantee quality illumination for safe egress, ambiance and enhanced security. In large quantities, they are used for organizing urban pedestrian traffic, delineate roads, and in private estates as signage. 

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