Planar Debuts Fine-Pitch LED Video Wall Family

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-03-13 09:13:38]

Planar Systems has introduced the Planar® DirectLight™ LED Video Wall System. The DirectLight LED Video Wall System comes in a choice of four resolutions ranging from 1.6 to 3.1 millimete... Continue reading

Soraa Introduces New Optical Light Engines with 95 CRI and R9

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-03-09 13:20:35]

One the United States company named Soraa. They produce GaN-on-GaN™ LED tech-nology, launched a small, low profile series of light engines. Soraa’s new Optical Light Engines are availab... Continue reading

Everlight Electronics Reportedly to Merge with Edison Opto

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-03-04 22:22:40]

In order to enhance its own competitive to compete China-base LED packing companies, Everlight reportedly plans to merge with LED packaging specialist company Edison Opto of Taiwan. It will expand ... Continue reading

Taiwan will fully replace mercury street light by LED in two years

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-02-13 01:14:01]

Taiwan will invest NT$ 5.49 billion yuan (about 178.44 million US dollars) in the next two years, aim to assist local governments on replacing 692,000 units mercury street lights by LED street ligh... Continue reading

Cree Listed Among Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2015

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-02-11 21:09:50]

Fast Company Magazine(Which is the most powerful magazine as Fortune Magazine in U.S.A has selected Cree to be among the world's most innovative companies in 2015. In addition to that recogniti... Continue reading

Toshiba Launches High Luminous Efficacy Power White LEDs

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-02-09 19:01:15]

Toshiba Corporation’s Semiconductor & Storage Products Company launched a new series of high luminous efficacy GaN-on-Si white LEDs. Mass production of the 3.5 x 3.5mm lens-package, &... Continue reading

Frozen Foods Fleet to Install Forward LED Lighting on 700 Trucks

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-01-16 23:02:33]

Because LED headlights provide the better driver visibility at night, and they increase daytime visibility. Also the LED lights draw fewer amps from a vehicle’s electrical sys-tem, which can ... Continue reading

Epistar to Acquire 94% of TSMC SSL

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-01-12 14:07:53]

Epistar will acquire all shares of TSMC SSL held by TSMC and its subsidiary TSMC Guang Neng Investment Ltd. Epistar agreed to pay NT$825 million, or NT$1.46 per share. Following the purchase, Epist... Continue reading

2015 Draper Prize for Engineering Goes to LED Lighting Pioneers

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-01-10 10:23:31]

The US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) has awarded the 2015 Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering to Nick Holonyak Jr, Isamu Akasaki, M. George Craford, Russell Dupuis, and Shuji Nakamur... Continue reading

Cree Makes Extreme High Power XHP LEDs Commer-cially Available

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-01-09 12:57:34]

Durham, North Carolina-based Cree, Inc. announced the commercial availability of XLamp® Extreme High Power (XHP) LEDs. This kind of LEDs with small size but high lumen output that enable a syst... Continue reading

Over 100 China-based LED packaging Firms to Go Out of Business in 2014

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-01-06 12:47:37]

More than 100 relatively small China-based LED packagers will be forced out of business in 2014, and the number is expected to increase to over 300 in 2015. MLS, the largest China-based LED packagi... Continue reading

Lighting Science Group’s Technology to Help NASA As-tronauts on International Space Station

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-01-05 01:44:21]

  Lighting Science worked in conjunction with NASA to design the LED lighting system that is scheduled for installation in the International Space Station in 2016. Good Night™and Awa... Continue reading

Cubic GaN Shows Potential for LEDs

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2015-01-04 12:24:54]

  Anvil Semiconductors and the Cambridge Centre for GaN at the University of Cambridge report having grown cubic GaN on 3C-SiC (silicon carbide) wafers using MOCVD. Anvil produced the unde... Continue reading

CREE granted 15,000 units LED bulbs

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-12-27 14:20:42]

  In Europe,the government  encourage  people using  LED products by increase the cost of electricity. So,you will find recent years,LED apply in most of places in Europe co... Continue reading

Denmark will add LED light for bus stop in 2015

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-12-24 01:06:10]

    As we all know,Copenhagen the capital of Denmark is the most biggest city in North Europe.There are many people and cars.And also many bicycles. Because of this,it causes lots... Continue reading

The world’s largest LED screen located in Times Square of New York

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-12-18 16:23:21]

           Do you know what’s size of the biggest LED display?It’s with width between 45th street to 46th street and height of about eight stores in New Yo... Continue reading

Hong Kong Ocean Park launched Christmas LED light Sea

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-12-17 00:43:14]

  In order to celebrate the annual Christmas, Hong Kong Ocean Park launched the gorgeous Christmas lighting on 9th December. The park held the open ceremony for new Christmas lights scenic... Continue reading

LED lighting market will reach 25.7 billion US dollars in 2015

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-12-06 23:13:30]

    Global lighting market will reach $ 82.1 billion in 2015, driven by the emerging markets, LED lighting market will reach $ 25.7 billion, penetration will up to 31%.China holds... Continue reading

Aixtron Launches AIX R6 for LED Manufacturing

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-18 17:23:47]

  At the China SSL international trade fair, Aixtron SE of Herzogenrath Germany, officially launched the AIX R6 MOCVD system for the production of gallium nitride (GaN)-based LEDs. San&rsq... Continue reading

Design LED to Debut Extremely Thin Backlighting

The Author: iLed Tech Company Limited
[Time:2014-11-18 00:29:32]

  DesignLED Products Ltd launched a new shelf product with only 2mm in depth.The company says that its also for the thinnest shelf lighting solution.The new products also include a 6mm in ... Continue reading

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