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How to buy Power Supply for COB LED Strip Light

How to buy Power Supply for COB LED Strip Light

As usual, our input of the COB LED Strip Light or SMD LED strip light is 12VDC or 24VDC. So we need to match a power supply or a transfer for them.

For example, you buy a roll of our 12VDC 480 pcs LEDs COB LED Strip Light 8mm,ILED-COB-480-8mm-12V, what power supply do you need to buy?

Power Supply for COB LED Strip Lights

At first, you should check the watts of cob led strip light, our ILED-COB-480-8mm-12V is 8W / meter, one roll is 5 meters, so total power supply is 40W.

The input is 12VDC, and the main voltage is 220-240VAC.

So do we choose a power supply which has input 220-240VAC, output 12VDC, and the max load watts is 40W?

Answer: NO, we need buy a power supply with below paramter,

Input: 220-240VAC

Output: 12VDC

Max load watts: 40W*1.2 = 48W.

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