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How to Replace LED Track Light Fixture in a Shop Retail Store

How to Replace LED Track Light Fixture in a Shop Retail Store

We received an inquiry from a client Arn who is a famous retail and wholesale of bicycles in Norway, he wants to replace the current lights in one of his shops, and attaches the pictures of this store. And let iLed provides a professional solution to him.

Bike Store

Arn took a current Track Light Fixture from the track rail to us, we can find the adapter is a European 3 phase from global. And the watts is 25W, it is 4000K and CRI is just 82. Arn thought the brightness is too low, sometimes it has flicker. Arn wants to have 5-7 years long life with new LED track lights.

Global Track Adapter

According to these information, we suggest they use our D series 30W LED Track Light which has best features as below,

iLed LED Track Lights

. European 3 Phase Adapter

. 30W with more than 3000LM, which is higher brightness than old 25W, 2000LM.

. Pure Aluminum body with best heat sink

. Citizen COB LED, which has perfect colour performance. More over the colour index is more than 92. Comparing the old CRI 82, it is wonderful to lighting the bikes in the store.

Citizen COB LED Track Lights

. Use Germany brand driver VS, which has high power factor which can save more power cost, also has flicker free, they can take picture without any flicker when their clients take pictures in the store. Moreover, the driver is very stable with glue protection inside, can work more than 5 years.

VS Driver for 30W LED Track Lights

. Because the bikes are very big, and arn doesn’t want to use more track lights, so we suggest Arn we can use big beam angle 60°, so that the track lights can not only for focusing lighting, can also be as main lighting in the shop.

. Think about there are 2 posters on the wall, Arn agreed with using 2 track light with small lens 24°to lighting the gallarys.

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