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>>  Model NO.:  ILED-BH-017

017 is a window wall light with narrow beam light is a type of lighting fixture designed to be mounted on a wall, typically near a window or other opening in the wall. The fixture is designed to project a narrow beam of light out from the wall, often to highlight a particular feature or object in the room.The window wall light is typically a rectangular or cylindrical fixture with a lens or reflector that directs the light in a specific direction. The narrow beam of light produced by the fixture is often used to create a dramatic effect by highlighting a piece of artwork, a sculpture, or other decorative feature in the room.

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  • Easy to install.
  • Premium Material used for longer life and reliability. 
  • Energy-Saving and environment-friendly. 
  • Narrow light beam, not flood lighting.
  • Reduce eye strain Over-voltage protection Eco-Friendly Lights.
  • No Harmful Ultra-Violet Radiation.
IP ClassIP65MaterialAluminum

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