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Question for Emergency LED Bulkhead Light

Question for Emergency LED Bulkhead Light

Q.How are emergency bulkhead lights installed?
The emergency bulkhead lights can be either screwed to the wall or ceiling. The product is linked into the mains lighting system. Often, an interrupt switch is installed to allow the testing of the emergency light (also called fish key switch)

Emergency LED Bulkhead Lights

Q.Can a switchable emergency bulkhead light be on motion sensor?
Yes, the fitting can be built-in a motion sensor.

Q.Can the emergency LED bulkhead lights with IP65 rating be fitted with emergency showers?
Yes, as this rating identifies that the unit is protected against low pressure jets from all directions – limited ingress permitted. iLed has IP65 testing report.

Q.Is it possible for a maintained emergency LED bulkhead light to be converted to non-maintained when installed?
Yes, it is possible for a maintained emergency LED bulkhead light to be installed in non-maintained operation. Maintained luminaires have two live connections – permanent supply and switched supply. If you decide to install the maintained light in non-maintained operation, the electrician just needs to miss out the switched live connection during installation. It is not possible to install a non-maintained light in maintained operation.


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