20W IP65 LED Bunker Light with motion sensor is good for outside wall lighting

When you go back to you at night, it's very dark so that you can't see anything. Especially you are alone. If you hope there is a little lighting is in front of you make you feel safer.  You can't have an Aladdin light for you at that time. But you can install one our 20W IP65 LED Bunker Light with motion sensor on your outside wall, which adopt high quality LM80 Samsung LED source, dia-casting alumium and IK09 PC diffuser. So, it can work in very severe environment. Of course , our 20W IP65 LED bunker light has approved SAA,CE-EMC,CE-LVD and RoHS. 

About the motion sensor which is for 20W IP65 LED Bunker Light, you can set the distance by yourself, for example, you want it is on when you close to it about  2 meters, you can set it as 2 meters according to the switches, the max distance is 8 meters. Meanwhile, after you leave about 10 seconds, you want 20W IP65 LED Bunker Light is off by itself. You can set another swithers. Of course, we don't want to 20W IP65 LED Bunker Light don't work in daytime, you can set the daylight sensor as 5 lux or 10 lux.

After you install 20W IP65 LED Bunker Light with motion sensor, you never worry the way to home if it's darkness.

The hot selling contact is sales@iled-lights.com. 

[Launch Time: 2014-10-26 23:33:29]

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