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How to Choose LED Strip Light

How to Choose LED Strip Light

LED Strip Lights are widely used recenlty. iLed Tech Co., LTD gives some professional tips to help you choose high quality LED strip light.

1. Package

Confirm how to encapsulate, by resin or silicon? Resin package is a little cheaper because of its weaker heat sink.

LED Package

2. Solder Joint

High quality LED strip light are produced with solder pastes and reflow soldering (very important techniques in SMT), so the solder joint should be clear, small, in an arc and going towards the electrode from the bonding pad of circuit board.

Strip Lights LED
3. Color consistency

With LED technology high developing, many LED packaging also improve the quality to keep the color consistency of LED source, but some small manufacturers don’t have spectrophotometer, which means the LED lights they produce all below the mark, so that the application of LED strip lights is not good and beautiful.

LED Strip Lighting

4. Circuit board

LED flexible strips have two types of circuit board–bonded copper circuit board and rolled copper circuit board. The copper foil of bonded copper circuit board is protruding, you can find out by carefully watching the connection between bonding pad and EPC. The bonding pad of bonded copper circuit board would fall off if bent too much or in high temperature. Rolled copper circuit board, which is closely connected to EPC, can be bent as you like without falling off its bonding pad.

LED Strip Lighting

5. Cleanliness

The surface of LED strips produced with SMT technology is very clean, no stains or anything else. The surface of those that were hand-soldered, however, would be full of stains or trace of cleaning, no matter how hard they were cleaned.

LED Strip Lighting

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