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New COB LED Ceiling Light 50W good for replacing traditional lamp in Supermarket

New COB LED Ceiling Light 50W good for replacing traditional lamp in Supermarket

The watts of LED ceiling lights is higher and higher along with technology progresses. We just launched 50W COB LED ceiling light which adopt 1 piece 50 Watts Epistar COB, and the body material is good aluminum. The diameter is 193mm, the height is 129mm, the diameter of cutout size is 158mm. CRI is more than 80, and the bean angle has 15°,24°,38° and 60° for options. The output lumen is more than 4000LM. It is widely used in Schools, Shops, Nursing Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Meeting Rooms, Hotels, Corridors, Warehouses, Toilets, etc.

Acutally, so high watts LED ceiling lights is used in home, school, offices, hospitals and meeting rooms is very waste and can not get the better effective lighting. Because the height of these areas is about 3-5 meters so that the lighting from COB LED ceiling lights is too strong and make the people very tired. So the best area is the big supermarket, the hotel lobby, and warehouses. We have one program used our 50W COB LED ceiling light for a supermarket as the picture, You can find we don’t feel the lighting is not strong from our 50W COB LED ceiling light because the height of the supermarket is about 7-8 meter.

Somebody will say, why do we have to use your 50W COB LED ceiling light ? LED high bay light and LED downlight also can do that, yes, if you only want to come true lighitng for the supermarket, you can use our LED high bay light, or our LED Downlight. But lighting is not let all the area is bright, we should make the booths of the supermaket is brighter,let the food and commodities look better, if you use our LED downlight, it is hard to reach this aim because the lens of our LED downlight is flood , not spotlight. If you use our LED high bay light, we think they are installed out of the ceiling, looks very big, for the supermarket. We think they look not so beautiful as 50W COB LED ceiling light , moreover, if the supermarket has many traditional lamp, and just want to replace them, LED high bay light can’t to replace the existed holes in the ceiling. Of course, LED high bay light is good for warehouse lighting, we will give more cases for our LED downlight and LED high bay light in other articles.

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