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What is Color Rendering Index

What is Color Rendering Index

The light on the object itself, the extent of the color rendering is called color rendering, that is, the degree of color fidelity; the color rendering properties of the light source by the color rendering index to indicate, which represents objects in the light color of the reference light (sunlight) lighting the deviation of the color, can be more fully reflect the color characteristics of the light source. Performed better high color rendering light source on the color, the color we see is also close to the natural color, low color rendering of the light source on the poor color performance, we see the color deviation. International Commission on Illumination CIE color rendering index, the sun is 100 different types of light source color rendering index, such as: high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index Ra = 23, the fluorescent tubes color rendering index Ra = 60 to 90.
CRI Comparation
Color in two ways:

Faithful color: correct performance of the original color of the material requires high color rendering index (Ra) of the light source, and its value is close to 100, the color of the best.
The effect of color: To clearly emphasize specific colors, the performance of life in the United States can take advantage of the additive color to enhance the color effect.


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