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What Kinds of Power Suppply for LED Strip

What Kinds of Power Suppply for LED Strip

LED strips typically require a direct current (DC) power supply to operate. The specific power supply you need for your LED strip depends on the voltage and wattage requirements of the strip. Here are some common types of power supplies used for LED strips:

1. Plug-in Adapters: These are small power supplies that plug into a standard electrical outlet. They usually provide low voltage DC power, such as 12V or 24V, and have a cable with a connector that can be plugged directly into the LED strip.

DC Adpater

2. LED Drivers: LED drivers are designed specifically for powering LED strips and provide a constant current or constant voltage output. They are available in various wattages and voltage outputs to match the requirements of the LED strip.

LED Drivers

3. Power Supply Units (PSUs): PSUs are larger power supplies typically used for more extensive LED strip installations. They are capable of providing higher wattages and multiple output channels to power multiple LED strips simultaneously.

Power Supply Units

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