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Why is The Life of LED Lighting So Long

Why is The Life of LED Lighting So Long

Incandescent light-emitting mechanism is energy light emitting tungsten heating, after quite a long time heating, tungsten will
Aging and even blown At this point, it has ended the life of incandescent bulbs, and the mechanism of light-emitting diode light-emitting diode special
The composition of the structure determined, diodes mainly by PN crystal plates, electrodes, and an optical system composed on the electrode with a positive bias.

LED Bulbs
After, so that the electrons and holes are injected into the P and N regions, when the non-equilibrium minority carrier and majority carrier recombination, it willPhotons in the form of excess energy into light energy. Its light-emitting process includes three parts: a forward bias carrier injection, Combined radiation and energy transfer. Diode shows that by constantly moving carrier light, there is no aging and burn
Off phenomenon, its special light-emitting mechanism determines its luminescence lifetime of up to 5-10 million hours.
LED lighting, we must recognize that the concept of a single or multiple white LED as a lighting source fixture is different.

LED Bulbs
To the current white LED R & D and production at home and abroad are far from being able to achieve the requirements of the lighting source. We should take advantage and play my Country in the world in which the advantages of advanced technology in the development of various types of small, compact fluorescent lamps, seize the opportunity, in the development of new solid-state light source
Make a difference. White LED lamps lighting source, some of the major issues facing the compact fluorescent has faced has been resolved
Or similar to the problem being addressed.
1. The lamps installed in the AC-DC converter circuit should be adapted to the characteristics of the LED current drive.
This power requires both forward current for LED required nearly constant current output, but also have a high conversion rate, in order to ensure reliable operation of the LED safety, of course, but also pay attention to the cost.
2.  LED lighting reliability
The main factors affecting the reliability of lamps LED devices and the electrical components. LED light source used in Division I as a world-class manufacturer, The main components of the electrical accessories for the European and American firms.
3. heat lamps Thermal conductivity of a single LED overcome, does not mean that the solution of the heat lamps lighting source, with the high-power, large-size, high brightness chip fat The exhibition, LED devices and the heat lamp must be addressed. Division I power LED lamps with independent research and invention patents radiator Cooling.
4. the light color uniformity, and the optical system
Special structure lead to tiny LED lighting characteristics unlike incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps, there is a white light color inhomogeneity asked Problems. Combined into lighting, light color uniformity and how? By a number of LEDs combined into a “secondary source” of light distribution and A LED lighting optical system to meet the requirements of lighting source is a complex system engineering, which is the need to seriously consider reconciliation Decision.

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