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Exterior LED Wall Washer Lights Watperoof Wall Building Lighting Outside

>>  Model NO.:  ILED-BH-015 B

015 B is a square Up&Down LED Wall Light with 2 way narrow beam angle for washing the wall of architecture and building lighting. Professionall  5°glass lens provides a long decorative pilllar lighting. Robust die cast aluminum body and silicone sealing ring makes the wall lamp not only have long life, also can be waterproof for indoor and outdoor lighting. iLed uses TUV SAA CE waterproof driver for this 2 way exterior wall light keeps it more stable. Widely using for your home,garden,bridge,building,KTV,corridor decorative lighting.

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Easy to install 

Premium Material used for longer life and reliability. 

Energy-Saving and environment-friendly. 

Well-distributed Diffused light

Reduce eye strain Over-voltage protection Eco-Friendly Lights 

No Harmful Ultra-Violet Radiation



Item No.ILED-BH-015 B
Input220-240VAC  / 120VAC                                                               
Watts2 * 3W
IP Rated65
Body MaterialsDieCast Aluminum
Diffuser Materials                                          Glass Lens
Electric ClassClass I

Can I install this LED Wall Lights by myself?

015 B is easy for installation. But it is a class I light fixture. So we don’t suggest you install them by themselves if you are not an electrician. When you install them, please make sure you have turn off the power at first, and connect the Live cable to read cable, null cable to blue cable, earth cable to yellow cable(It is must be connected). Please see below steps,

  1. Turn Off the Power. 
  2. Take off the installation back plate.(It has an Allen key in our accessories)
  3. Mark the fixing hole position of plate on the wall.
  4. Drug the holes, put into the expansion.
  5. Fixing well the back plate on the wall.
  6. Connect the cables,Red - Live, Blue - Null, Yellow - Earth. The earth cable must be connected right.
  7. Put on the light body on the back plate.
  8. Turn on the Power testing.

How long is the lifespan of this LED wall light?

015 B uses high quality built-in driver, and good LED source. The strong aluminum body have the best heat sink. We use professional powder coated for this face finished, it can anti waterproof and anti uv. The life span of this LED wall light is 50 000 hours.

Is this LED Wall Light safe?

Yes, 015 B is very safe. We use isolated built-in driver for it, moreover the driver is waterproof too. The body is strong aluminum has best head sink.

Can you do OEM or ODM service?

iLed is a professional customized led light manufacturer with innovative design for more than 10 years. We can do OEM service for our clients if clients want to use their logo, as well we can design clients colorful boxes. For special projects, we can use branded driver such as Osram, Philips, Tridonic or VS according to clients’ requirements.  Contact sales@iled-lights.com now.

Can I use this wall light at the outside wall of my Villa?

Yes, 015 B has good waterproof protection with a silicone sealing ring, the driver is also waterproof, so it can be perfect for decorating your Villa wall, and you are also not afraid of the water outside. iLed trust it can washer your wall more beautiful.

Why to choose this wall light?

015 B Wall lights are a stylish to your lighting scheme. As well as providing beautiful ambient and accent lighting, they can also provide great practical task lighting. Plus they can make a striking design statement in the wall. It is very good choice for lighting designer.

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