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Brighten Up Your Garden with Waterproof LED Wall Light

Brighten Up Your Garden with Waterproof LED Wall Light

If you have a new house with a garden, you want to install some lights for brighten up your garden, you maybe have many choices, such as bulk installed on the ceiling, small LED flood light, or other lights. Sometimes, Waterproof LED wall light is a better choice for you, at first, it can meet your basic requirement lightin, moreover, waterproof LED wall light can installed on the wall which also is a good ambient lighting choice.

Wall Light for Garden Light
Our Waterproof LED wall light ILED-BH-R10W is 10 Watts light which adopt high quality LED and have 800LM outflux. For a small garden, you can installed about two pieces of our waterproof LED wall light ILED-BH-R10W on each wall, the lumen is enough.It’s outside, we think the lighting is brighter is better, but cool white 6000K is to white. 4000-4500K is a good color temperature for accept by your eyes when you go back to home. In order to match different wall color, our Waterproof LED wall light also has black , white or gray color for option.
There is a project as the picture showed,our waterproof LED wall lights let the wall is not so dull.They are installed on the wall to bright up outside of the building. If you want to bright up your garder or the outside of your garden.

Wall Light for Garden Light

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