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1W IP44 LED Spotlight for Bathroom Lighting

1W IP44 LED Spotlight for Bathroom Lighting

ILED-PK-201I is one hot selling of our LED lights because it is IP44. We called it as LED cabinet light, also called it as Mini LED Downlight or LED Spotlight.

Our 1W IP44 LED Spotlight adopt 1W Edison LED source or 1W CREE LED Source, the lumen flux is about to 90-120LM because different LED source.CRI is more than 80, The beam angle can be 30°,45° or 60°. The color temperature is in 2700-7000K any what you want. White body or Silver body is option. The size of 1W IP44 LED Spotlight isФ 41.8x(H)45.4mm. But when you install the 1W IP44 LED Spotlight , you just need cut one hole Ф32 mm to recess the light. Of course , the light has approved CE and RoHS.

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Why is 1W IP44 LED Spotlight good for Bathroom lighting? There are three reasons as below,

1. As we know, the bathroom is very wet with more moisture. IP44 function is good for proofing moisture.

2. Bathroom is not too big, so if we use one 12W LED ceiling light, it is too big, if we use one 6W LED ceiling light, it is too small and dark. But we can use 4-6 pieces of our 1W IP44 LED Spotlight , and installed them over of the bathroom. The lighting will more well-distributed in the bathroom. Moreover, different area has accent lighting such as mirror area.

3. Because the input of our 1W IP44 LED Spotlight is 12VDC, even if you use 4-6 pieces of our 1W IP44 LED Spotlight in the bathroom, you don’t need to buy one drive for each light, 4-6 pieces of 1W IP44 LED Spotlight can use one driver with a deconcentrator. It’s more economic.

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