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What is LED Bulkhead

What is LED Bulkhead

A LED Bulkhead Lights refer to a type of lighting fixture that is designed to be durable, compact, and suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications. It is often used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings where a robust and reliable lighting solution is needed.

The word ‘bulkhead’ originally refers to a nautical term used to describe a reinforced wall or structure on a ship’s hull. In the context of lighting, an LED bulkhead typically consists of a sturdy, weather-resistant housing made of materials like polycarbonate or metal. This housing is designed to protect the internal components of the fixture from dust, moisture, and physical damage.

LED Bulkhead Light for Indoor Lighting

LED bulkheads are characterized by their distinct shape, which is usually a flat or slightly curved surface with a circular or rectangular outline. The front face of the fixture is made of a translucent or frosted material that helps to diffuse the light emitted by the LEDs inside.

Common applications for LED bulkheads include stairwells, corridors, parking garages, building exteriors, industrial facilities, and residential areas where robust and efficient lighting is required.

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