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How do LED Panel Light Suspended Animation And The Solutions

How do LED Panel Light Suspended Animation And The Solutions

LED panel light will appear in the production process of the LED suspended animation phenomenon (ie the LED is not lit), the cause of this phenomenon for the following reasons.
1. Electrostatic burned out.
LED is a static-sensitive components and, therefore, did not do a good job in the production process for electrostatic protection work, it will because of the electrostatic burn LED chip, resulting in suspended animation occurs with LED lights.
Measures to prevent this phenomenon occurs is to strengthen the electrostatic protection, all contact with LED employees must be worn in accordance with the provisions of the anti-static gloves, a wrist strap, tools and equipment must be well grounded.

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2. High Temperature damage
LED high temperature performance is not good, therefore, in the production and maintenance process for the LED soldering temperature and time have no control, will cause damage to the LED chip, LED lights with ultra-high temperature or continuous high temperature The phenomenon of suspended animation.
Measures to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon: the good reflow soldering iron temperature control, the implementation of the person responsible, specialized records management; soldering iron temperature control soldering iron, effectively prevent the soldering iron high temperature burn LED chip.

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3. Moisture burst at high temperatures
LED package will absorb moisture when exposed to air for a long time before use, if not after the dehumidification process, over the time of reflow will reflow temperature is too high, the time period is long and the thermal expansion of the LED package of moisture, causing The LED packaging burst, thereby indirectly lead to the LED chip overheating and damage.
The solution: LED storage environment to temperature and humidity, not finished using the LED must be placed before the next use 6 to 8 hours baking in the oven at about 80 ° dehumidification process to ensure that the use of LED there will be no moisture absorption phenomena.

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