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LED Strip Lights have Nine Advantages

LED Strip Lights have Nine Advantages

LED Strip Lights have nine advantages as below:
1. A pure color: LED flexible strip light with high brightness SMD LED as a light-emitting element, and therefore have the advantage of LED light-emitting element, light color pure, soft, glare-free. Either as decorative purposes, they can also cater to lighting purposes.

2. the softness: LED soft light bar very soft FPC as the substrate, can be bent without breaking, easy to shape, for a variety of advertising modeling needs.

3. the small heat: LED flexible strip light LED light-emitting element, typically 0.04 ~ 0.08W low power single LED, so heat is not high. Can be used as decorative lighting, and does not produce a lot of heat caused by rising water temperatures, affecting the growth of the ornamental fish aquarium.

4. Super energy-saving: LED soft light bar 1210 power meters only 4.8W 5050 LED flexible strip power per meter 7.2W, relative to traditional lighting and decorative lighting, low power several times, and the effect is much better.

SMD LED Strip Lights

SMD LED Strip Lights

5. Constituent materials, environmental protection: LED soft light bar LED or FPC, its materials are environmentally friendly materials and are recyclable., Extensive use will not cause the environmental pollution and destruction.

6. Security: LED soft light bar with low voltage DC 12V supply voltage, and therefore very safe to use. Regardless of the elderly and children are safe to use and does not cause a safety hazard.

7. Easy Installation: LED soft light bar installation is very simple, with retaining clips, trunking, wire, iron mesh can be installed in a variety of supporting surface. LED flexible strip light, thin, double-sided adhesive fixed functionality can also be achieved. Do not need professionals to install, you can really enjoy the fun of DIY decoration.

Cuttable LED Strip Light

Cuttable LED Strip Light

8. Long life: LED flexible light strip of normal life to 100,000 hours, work 24 hours a day, almost all of its life in the past 10 years. Therefore, the life of the LED flexible light strip several times of the traditional lamp.

9. a wide range of applications: LED soft light bar because of the soft, thin, pure color, is widely used in building body contour level, booth, bridge, hotel, KTV decorative lighting, advertising signs production, a variety of large-scale animation calligraphy advertising design spaces. With LED flexible strip technology matures, its scope of application will be more extensive.

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