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Some Suggestions for Choosing the Lights for Home Lighting

Some Suggestions for Choosing the Lights for Home Lighting

The optical properties of LED colors and the light-emitting efficiency, etc. associated with the semiconductor material and its processing. Mixed with different impurity in the P-type material and the N-type material, can be a different single wavelength of the LED light-emitting diode, the electrical properties will be different. According to the principles of optics, the white light by the continuous spectrum, therefore, impossible to produce a single white LED directly emits a continuous spectrum. The most widely used in the lighting field, is white, white LED development and technological progress related to the application and promotion of LED lighting in the area.

Single LED light emitting diode optical system comprises a parallel transmitter, the polarizers, and transparent mask. The optical system can make the LED light beam to parallel light or a beam angle of emitted. Thus, changing the geometry of the closure dome, can change the beam angle of the LED.

Household LED lighting: LED lamp cup (living room auxiliary light source 3w enough), led downlight (aisle with about 3 inches 3w, about 4 inch 6w, about 6 inch 12w), in general, led belong to the energy-saving lamps a , half of the electricity consumption of the ordinary energy-saving lamps can achieve the same lighting effect. Second life theory up to 50,000 hours, Generally 20,000 hours is not a problem, the family can be used for several years, like the CPL lamp cup theoretical life even more dramatically over 50,000 hours. Third, LED lights are low-voltage DC power supply, no stroboscopic, it will not blink; Fourth, the solid cold light source, does not attract mosquitoes in the summer. Household LED energy-saving lamps is the future trend of decoration lighting, my home decoration ran several stores but could not find the right price, and later find a shop online is pretty good style more than price, is still engaged in promotion than the store much cheaper, after all, the the shop low operating costs.

RA80 VS RA90

RA80 VS RA90

Problems should be the primary consideration in household LED lights are the following:

To avoid glare glaring eyes, so people can not directly see the LED.

Color temperature issues to consider, especially as reading lamps or bedroom nightlight, should 2700k low color temperature of the LED.

LED lamps emi pay attention to whether it will interfere with TV other the sensitive wireless home electrical.

4. Continuous dimming to solve the problem, because the household often need dimming.

To meet the lighting criteria consider the luminaire appearance.

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