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Ten Advantages of Automotive LED lights

Ten Advantages of Automotive LED lights

Ten advantages of automotive LED lights as following:
1. Good color and rich, colorful. The color saturation to 130% of full-color, more clear and soft lighting.

2. Long life, good shock resistance. LED is a semiconductor element with incandescent glass, tungsten and other vulnerable moving parts, very low failure can be maintenance-free.
Automotive LED lights
3.Response time is short, only 60 nanoseconds, particularly suitable for automotive lamps light source, the fight for the drivers valuable to reduce the time of the accident.

4. The high efficiency, low energy consumption. Do not need color of the LED light source will be able to directly produce automotive lighting needs, such as red, amber color, lossless power utilization up to 80% or more.

5. Small size, light weight. Advantage of its features can be designed thin and light, compact style lamps to the automotive design space.

6. Green lighting. Good monochrome LED spectrum no excess IR, UV spectroscopy, mercury-containing hazardous substances, heat, radiation rarely.

7. A single LED light flux is small. At present, the level of a single LED luminous flux of up to 120lm / W, product level ≤ 60lm / W, and high-power LEDs tend to increase the size of a large heat sink, the LED light sources commonly used design method of the LED array.

8. Plane luminous, directional. Point light incandescent viewing angles ≤ 180 °, must pay attention to the design and use of the LED light source which characteristics of different angles and can not be greater than 180 °.

9. LED luminous efficiency with increasing temperature and decreased general chip temperature exceeds 120 ℃ failure. Thermal design must be considered in the the lamp assembly design and manufacturing process design.

10. LED belonging to the the multivariate compound semiconductor components. Multiple compound semiconductor element is characterized by electrical, optical, thermal and mechanical parameters of discrete. The design must take into account the characteristics and requirements components production requirements of automotive LED light source components strict classification, grading.

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