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The Intruduction of LED lighting Fixtures Spectrum

The Intruduction of LED lighting Fixtures Spectrum


The intruduction of LED lighting fixtures spectrum

Expressed with respect to the wavelength of light, the intensity of light distribution. LED spectrum is generally color LED, for example, blue LED as a peak wavelength of 470nm hump distribution for the determination of the intensity of light to a shorter peak wavelength UV field and the peak of longer wavelength green field limit. The spectrum of the incandescent lamp, the luminous intensity is widely distributed in the 400nm blue areas to 700nm more near infrared area, to the luminous intensity can also be observed in the UV field and infrared fields. Fluorescent regard, used in combination with the emission wavelength of the phosphor portion of the spectrum peak.
Ordinary red, green and blue LED spectral peak is only one compared the spectrum of the white LED is quite different. E.g., the blue areas and the yellow field there are two light-emitting peak intensity, or in the blue field, yellow areas and there are three peaks in the red field, or even more peak appears. This is because the white LED white light is a combination of a plurality of wavelengths obtained. For example, the combination of the blue LED and the yellow phosphor, the peak appears in the blue areas and the yellow field. Further, based on the peak than the tip of the luminous intensity of the blue LED, and based on the peak value of the phosphor is more gentle.
LED backlight for a liquid crystal panel, the ideal situation is that the spectrum of the LED to appear in three areas of the red, green and blue light-emitting peak intensity. This is because the LED light will eventually be output to the outside via the liquid crystal panel of the color filters (red, green, blue).

 LED lighting fixtures spectrum
Three light emitting intensity of the peak is obtained using red, green and blue, the three LED’s method, as well as by improving the phosphor material, the method using a white LED of the three peaks can be obtained.
Comparison of the blue LED and a YAG phosphor, a blue LED and ZnSe single crystal of the light emitting of the bottom plate, the ultraviolet LED and RGB phosphor white LED emission spectrum with the fluorescent and natural light. Although there are white, but the emission spectrum is very different.

 LED lighting fixtures spectrum
The other hand, the LED used for general lighting apparatus, spectral broad distribution of the white LED in the field of visible light are more popular. The reason is close to natural light, i.e. the spectrum of the sunlight, the light irradiation target object, the color of the object with the irradiation of natural light when close sake.

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