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What Color LED Light Helps with Headaches

What Color LED Light Helps with Headaches

Migraine sufferers have this experience: when they see the light, their symptoms get worse, but when they see the green landscape, their symptoms are usually relieved.

White, blue, red, and amber light can exacerbate migraine headaches, but low-intensity green light seems to relieve it. The research team hopes that special sunglasses can filter all light waves except green light to help migraine sufferers.

Many migraine sufferers are very sensitive to light. Photophobia will force migraine sufferers to wear sunglasses in a bright room or seek dark comfort.

Such a response is thought to be related to the structure of the brain. In the thalamus of the brain, neurons that transmit sensory information through the retina intersect with other neurons that sense pain. Therefore, in migraines, light can exacerbate pain, and pain can cause visual impairment, says Rami Burstein of Harvard University.

But not all lights have the same effect.

In a new study, Burstein and his colleagues asked volunteers with migraine but normal vision to stay in a dark room and gradually increase the intensity of white, blue, green, amber, and red light while recording their volunteers. The authors describe the process of light affecting headaches. Burstein’s team used tiny electrodes placed on the eyelids to record the activity of neurons transmitting signals from the eye to the brain. They also measured the volunteers’ brain activity with electrodes placed on their heads.

Surprisingly, the low-intensity green light did not aggravate the migraine, but instead reduced the volunteers’ suffering. “I’m still thinking about this aspect, but I still didn’t think why green light can help alleviate migraines.”

Records from the brain and eyes of volunteers show that compared to other colors of light, green light produces less electrical activity in the brain and eyes. Insert the electrode into the rat’s thalamus. The electrode shows that the green light triggers the smallest amount of electrical activity.

“Any method that can help migraine sufferers alleviate their pain is useful, and it also means that green light will at least not be like other wavelengths of light, which can cause photophobia due to headaches.” Simon of New York University who was not involved in the study Ackerman said, “This also explains why some wavelengths are more likely to exacerbate migraines than others.”

Burstein hopes that green light or sunglasses that only pass green light can help migraine sufferers. iLed is a professional LED lighting manufacturer for 10 years. They produce the lastest cob led strip light has green color light which looks very uniform and very soft, if you buy some iLed green cob led strip light to install them in your room, they will be very helpful to you have good break after you come back to home from hard working everyday.

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