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Why do we have aging-test for LED Light Fixtures

Why do we have aging-test for LED Light Fixtures

Often arise problems in the application of LED, LED welding product beginning work properly, lit a period of time after the dark light, flashing, failure, intermittent bright phenomenon, to productsbring serious damage. This phenomenon is caused by the reasons why:

Aging Test for LED Tri Proof Batten Light

1. Applications, the welding process in question, for example, the welding temperature soldering time is too long, did not do the work of anti-static, more than 95% of these problems are caused by the encapsulation process.

2. LED itself, quality or production process caused.

Aging Test for LED Panel Lights

Aging Test for LED Panel Lights

The prevention methods are:

Good control of the welding process.

The product aging test.

Aging is an important guarantee of the reliability of electronic products, the final essential step of production. LED products can enhance the performance after aging and contribute to the late performance stability. LED burn-in test is a very important part of product quality control, but it is often overlooked in many cases, can not be correct and aging. The test LED aging countermeasures taken in accordance with the characteristics of the product failure rate curve that bathtub curve, in order to improve the reliability of the product, but this method is not required, after all, the aging test in the life of the the sacrifice single LED products price.

Aging Test for LED Track Lights

Aging Test for LED Track Lights

LED constant current aging, including aging and constant pressure aging. The constant current source is the current at any time constant. Frequency of the problem, it is not constant. It is AC or pulsating current. AC or pulsating current source may be designed to rms constant, but this power supply can not be called “constant current source”. Constant current aging is most in line with the operating characteristics of the LED current, the most scientific way LED aging; overcurrent impact of aging is also the manufacturers latest an aging means by using frequency adjustable the current adjustable constant current source such aging to in a short period of time to judge the quality of the life expectancy of the LED, and can pick out many the conventional aging can not be singled out the hidden LED.

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